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Is Solar Right for You

Solar energy is one of the most rapidly growing, renewable resources of electricity! Beginning to generate your own power is so easy and you will immediately notice a massive reduction on your electric bill.

Financing Options

At Pell Solar, we understand how hard you work for your money! Our solar experts are work tirelessly to provide you and your family with the best financing options possible to help save you money, long term!


At Pell Solar, we are a full-service solar provider with everything you need to power your home with clean solar energy! Our solar experts respect your home and takes great care when installing your new system.

Why Choose Pell Solar?

Our solar experts are here to ensure that your system is always up and running smoothly. We want everything to go right on every solar energy installation- so we only hire and train the best in the business.

Saving With Solar

Biggest Myth

This one of the biggest myths about solar. Most people say immediately, “I can’t afford Solar…” and they don’t even give it a second thought. Most people are un-educated about solar. they think its really expensive, when in fact not having solar is more expensive than having solar. What? It’s more expensive to not have solar? How can that be?

When you invest in right, right off the bat you are saving money . No longer will be subject to rising rates of your local electric company. Electricity rates are rising and will continue to rise for years to come. When you invest in solar, you are now your own power provider. Think of the hundreds of dollars you will save during summer alone! Are you tired of not being able to turn on your air because your afraid of a huge bill? Invest in solar and have a cool relaxing summer!

How you ask? When you invest in solar, you are basically replacing your Electric Bill with the payment for your solar, which is usually lower than what you are currently paying. Really, it’s that simple. With our many financing options & government programs we will find the best options to meet your financial needs.



  • No more rising electricity rates
  • Pay less than what you were paying now.
  • Increased Savings over time.
  • Long term money in your pocket.

What Does it Cost in?


Today, solar energy costs less than traditional power in many markets. we can even install a solar power system on your home with little to no upfront costs. Chance are we have a solar energy financing option that works


Like picking out the perfect pair of sunglasses our team will put together the perfect financing option that will best meet your needs. We offer all types of plans, from a $0 down, no credit required, PPA’s to lease to a Pre-Pay. All our panels come with a 20 year warranty and most dont require additional homeowners insurance. Monitoring and maintenance* is included as well. All you need to do is soak up the sun and watch the savings roll in.


  • $0 Down
  • no annual increase
  • Control & predicability of utility costs
  • Not subject to SCE rate increases

Pre-Pay PPA

  • $0 Down
  • Financing available
  • No credit check required
  • No annual increase
  • No pre-pay penalty
  • Looking for long term saving


  • Interested in investment alternatives
  • Protection from utility rate increases
  • 30% federal tax credit
  • Financing available
  • Highest reduction of utility bill
$780First Year Savings
$69,408 20 Year Savings with Solar
Added Home Value

By generating your own solar power, you will immediately reduce your electricity bill and offset the cost of solar panel installation. The amount of the reduction depends on the size of your solar power system and the amount of electricity that your family consumes.

  • No more rising electricity rates
  • Pay less than what you were paying now
  • Increased Savings over time
  • Long term money in your pocket




Call for a free
no obligation quote. Our Solar Consultants will be helpful writing up a personalize detailed quote on how we can best save you money.



Fill out the necessary paperwork, we take care of the rest. From inspections, plans and engineering, our specialists will provide you
with all the paperwork. All you need to do is sign on the dotted line!



Our trained and certified installers will take great pride in making sure your panels
are installed and wire any
electrical. Installs take 1-2 days.



Turn on your system and your on your way to saving every month on your power costs for years to come. No more rising energy costs. You are in control
of your power!

How it Works

Phase 1:

As the sun shines, the photo voltaic panels of your system are capturing that sunlight and converting it into direct current electricity.

Phase 2:

Your solar panel system, then converts this direct current electricity into 240V alternating current electricity, which you can then use around your home.

Phase 3:

At certain times, your solar panel system could generate more electricity than your home actually requires! The excess electricity produced will be redirected back to utility, where you’ll earn the credits.

Phase 4:

At night when it’s dark and your solar panels are no longer producing electricity, the excess electricity you previously produced is fully available for your use!

Solar Power is one of the most rapidly growing renewable resources of electricity. Renewable energy sources are generally unlimited in availability. There will always be sun, so you will always have power. There are several advantages of solar power over other forms.

  • Solar Energy Production does not require fossil fuels.
  • Solar power generates electricity with limited impact on the environment.
  • Solar energy can effectively supplement electricity supply from electricity transmision grid, such as when electricity demand peaks in the summer.
  • The size and generating capacity are readily scalable and versatile.
  • Growing Incentives programs for the development of solar & other renewable energy sourcesNet – MeteringDirect SubsidiesLow Interest LoansGovernment Programs with0$ Down & No Credit Required

Recent Work


Hear From Our Customers!

Here at Pell Solar, the only thing we love more than solar energy is bringing a smile to your face! We design the best system for your home and specific needs, and can guarantee that each and every time you open your reduced energy bill or speak with one of our solar experts, you’ll be left with a smile.

Here’s what some of our previous “energy partners” have said about their experience with solar energy and working with us!

R.P. – Covina, CA

“I recently had 25 panels installed on my roof. This was a two day project due to an electrical panel upgrade and my tile roof.

The installation crew showed up early each day and waited until the designated starting time as dictated by the city. The crew was extremely polite and courteous and answered each question that I had. They left the work site clean and free of any work material at the end of each day. They by far surpassed all my expectations for their skill level and customer service.

The sales representative was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his business. Having already gone through his own installation, he was very helpful in explaining to me each step and what to expect during this whole process. It all happened on time and as he explained it would.

I am now experiencing the benefits of the solar panels. I love watching the output of my new system through their website to see how the panels are performing.

I would recommend talking to this company for anybody who is considering the benefits of solar energy.”

Leo B. – Norco, CA

“It is rare for me to leave a review but in this case it is well deserved!
Al Delacruz walked us through the entire process without a glitch and we are very happy with our installation. I have a very busy work/ home life and Al’s great customer service and attention to detail made the difference. If you are considering solar Al should be your first call.”

Ernie D. – Reseda, CA

“We found Pell Solar at the Los Angeles County Fair. We were very impressed with the amount of specific information we received. Most solar companies we have talked to wanted our personal information first before providing prices, logistics, etc. We requested a visit from a representative. Two days later we were meeting with Al De La Cruz. He accommodated our scheduled and agree to a late evening appointment. We live in the San Fernando Valley. Al made this whole process a breeze. He is a great communicator. He kept us informed of any updates and cc us on his emails with his company and DWP. The panel installation was quick and professionally done. We had had our roof redone and the house repainted. After the panels were installed, they didn’t detract from the house. The panels blended right in. We didn’t have to wait long for DWP to connect our solar meter.

Overall, the project took 6 months. Even after the project was done, Al kept in touch with us to make sure everything was working correctly. BTW: Al is great with dogs. We have 3 hyperactive dogs that seem to calm down every time Al came to meet with us. At one point, all 3 dogs were sitting quietly with Al on the couch. We highly recommend Pell Solar and Al De La Cruz. I have even referred some of my friends that have been turned down by other solar companies and Al is able to help them. Definitely, give Pell Solar a call as part of your price comparison.”


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Information Sharing

We do not share your personal information with any other companies. Your privacy is our greatest concern.

Why Pell Solar

  • Local family owned and operated with over 11 years experience installing solar in Southern California
  • Pell Solar specializes in ELIMINATING YOUR electric bill
  • Every solar option is available to YOU as the homeowner
    • Purchases
    • Prepays
    • Leases

Beware of solar companies will only offer you solar lease options. At Pell Solar we believe YOU should have the options that fit best for YOUR home and financial situation.

  • No job is too big or too small
    • Every size electric bill qualifies!
  • Pell Solar not only sells solar we install YOUR solar.
  • Beware of solar companies who “contract out” YOUR solar installation to the “lowest bidder”

HIGHEST referral bonuses paid to YOU in the industry

  • Average referral fee is typically OVER $600.00!!