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Cleaning Your Solar Panels? Here’s Some Tips

By July 8, 2019 September 17th, 2019 No Comments
Caring for your Solar Panels

Solar panels, those energy-efficient, value increaser, environmentally friendly add-ons. You may have recently gotten solar panels installed for one or several of the reasons above. The next step is how you maintain and keep them working as efficiently as possible. We will give you a few pointers on how to clean your solar panels so that you can receive as much energy as you can get.

The Hose

Perhaps the more common method of cleaning solar panels is just using a hose. Hopefully, you wouldn’t have the hose on a crazy high-pressure setting, or you could really damage your panels. You wouldn’t want to constantly have solar panels reinstalled. If you find that there is more grime and dirt leftover after hosing them down, then you may want to move to the next step.

Grab a Ladder

Most solar panels are on the roofs of buildings so you may want to find a way up to the top first. Know that you will have to bring some supplies as well so air on the side of caution when lugging up a bunch of items. If you physically are not able to, then look into hiring a professional glass cleaning company. Falls are the #1 cause of death for older adults so prevention is important.

Watch the Wiring

You can be thorough but be mindful of the wiring. Since you can’t turn off solar panels like you can with a normal switch, you will want to take great care when cleaning around the wires. Don’t hesitate to touch the glass and frame though. The system is grounded using copper wire to avoid shocks from your solar panels. You may see your solar installation specialists wearing electrical gloves when making the connections to avoid being electrocuted.

Spring Cleaning

The seasons bring all the great pollen and leaves that can accumulate around your panels. Just be mindful that even when it’s sunny out, there is still pollen and dirt being whisked around by the wind. Winter may bring the snow, but your solar panels are dark enough to gather enough sun to melt the snow.

Not Too Bad

Realistically solar panels are not that different from your house windows. Cleaning them with some soap and a soft cloth is usually all that is needed. If you choose to neglect them then you will pay the price. As you can guess, solar panels that are cleaned produce more energy than those that are left in the dust.


If you have accidentally damaged your solar panels, then contacting your local solar panel company will be your next course of action. Be mindful that some warranties do not protect against homeowner inflicted damage. It is worth asking about before you go and replace the whole system though. The likelihood of your solar panel getting damaged in the first place is very low since they are built to last 25-30 years.

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