A better way to pay for solar.

Saving with solar

This one of the biggest myths about solar. Most people say immediately, “I can’t afford Solar…” and they don’t even give it a second thought. Most people don’t realize that they are spending MORE monthly paying their current electric bill than the financed cost to OWN solar! It is, in fact MORE expensive to not have solar? How can that be?

99.9% of the time YOUR current electric bill monthly payment will be MORE than financing solar. As an added benefit you are longer subject to rising rates of your local electric company. Electricity rates are rising and will continue to rise for years to come. When you invest in solar, you are now your own power provider. Think of the hundreds of dollars you will save during summer alone! Are you tired of not being able to turn on your air because you’re afraid of a huge bill? Invest in solar and have a cool relaxing summer!

No more rising electricity rates.

Pay less than what you were paying now.

Increased savings over time.

Money in your pocket over time.

Pell Solar Savings Infographic

How solar can help you save

How you ask? When you invest in solar, you are basically replacing your Electric Bill with the payment for your solar, which is usually lower than what you are currently paying. Really, it’s that simple. With our many financing options & government programs we will find the best options to meet your financial needs.

Solar programs

Like picking out the perfect pair of sunglasses our team will put together the perfect financing option that will best meet your needs. We offer all types of plans to purchases, leases, and pre-pay. Our solar hardware comes with a minimum of 25-year manufacturers warranty. Monitoring and maintenance is included as well. All you need to do is soak up the sun and watch the savings roll in.

Pell Solar Finance Infographic

Multiple ways to pay

Pell Solar offers multiple affordable ways to pay. We have financing for low fica with no equity needed so no need to worry about low credit. With payments starting as low as $129 a month!

Get your tax credit before its to late

Get a 30% Government Tax Credit Before The End of  2032

For federal tax, you can get up to a 30% tax credit before 2032 where the tax credit is completely eliminated.

Idaho Tax Credit

Take 40% of your installation cost as a deduction in the first year, up to a maximum of $5,000. However, the real benefit comes from the 30% federal tax credit.

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