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Reducing Pollution with Solar Power

Pollution pours from factory smoke stacks.

Reducing pollution is vital to sustaining our planet, but how can we do it? Enter solar power: the renewable energy source that is sweeping the nation as millions of Americans are making the switch. They are reducing their own carbon footprint and creating a better planet for the generations to come.

With several alternatives to traditional energy sources, this raises the question: Why solar?
Pell Solar is here to answer this question, giving you the facts to make the switch to a more eco-friendly home, in turn reducing pollution and creating a brighter planet one WATT at a time.

Solar Energy for a Healthy Environment

There are many benefits that solar power contributes to the environment, including:

  • Leading as the cleanest and most sustainable energy sources in the world, solar is the most optimal alternative to traditional energy.
  • Solar power in itself emits no pollution, a common by-product of nonrenewable energy sources that damages our planet. Not only does pollution affect the Earth, but it affects our families, showing complications in both our youth and the elderly.
  • Solar power also produces no noise pollution, gathering silent energy from sun rays
  • The leading producer of carbon emissions is coal plants. These plants contribute to global warming and harm our planet with waterways, oceans, and groundwater being flooded each year with one million gallons of petroleum.
  • Solar power is an investment for a brighter future, and with a household rooftop solar system, the emission of pollutants is drastically reduced; 100 tons of CO2 emissions can be reduced through one household with solar energy.

The Pell Solar Difference

At Pell Solar, we are passionate about solar energy because we see the switch as a step to protect the planet and our community. We believe in what we do because solar power is the most efficient and cost-effective renewable energy option.
With over 16 years of experience as a family-run business, we are seeking a better world for generations to come. Solar power is an investment for the future, so join the 2 million other Americans that have made installations across the nation. Contact Pell Solar to get a quote and let the sunshine in.

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