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Solar energy is the technological process used to create power from the sun’s energy. Simply put, it is the energy that we can generate from sunlight through a photovoltaic effect. But with many large words put in the vocabulary of understanding solar power and what it is, it is important for us to simplify the process to our customers. Here is a basic overview of Solar Power:

What Is Solar Power?

The sun is commonly looked to as a source of warmth and light; however, the power that we can harness from the sun is a sustainable way to generate electricity. We can generate electricity from the sun when there is a photovoltaic effect, meaning that we can create an electric current from two substances exposed to light. The photovoltaic effect is what makes solar energy possible, and enables solar panels to convert sunlight into electrical energy.

What Parts Make Up A Solar Energy System?

To create the process of generating solar energy, you need a few key components. Solar panels are essential, as they are the devices that capture energy from the sun.
Secondly, you need an inverter that will format your energy and give it the power to perform. Lastly, you need the foundation: a racking system, which creates a mount for the whole system. In addition to these key components, you will want a method to store your energy. This does not require additional equipment; however, it is an essential component of a successful solar power energy system.

Why Solar Power?

Let the sun shine down on your home, and reap the benefits of solar power!
We have been devoted to this for the past 16 years, becoming experts in the field of solar power renewable energy because it is the most efficient and cost-effective option when switching from traditional energy sources. We believe in solar power, and many Americans do also, as there has been tremendous growth throughout the country in recent years. With this popularization, the cost of the energy source has also dropped significantly, making it accessible to American families.
In addition to cost benefits, solar power is a way to promote sustainability, improve the property value of your home, and create a source of remote power for accessible energy. At Pell Solar, we are determined to provide effective and affordable solar energy that is accessible to American families in Idaho and California, paving the way to a cleaner and sustainable future, one WATT at a time.

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