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Solar Power Benefits in Treasure Valley

Large solar panels in a grassy field with hills.

Many people in the gem state have decided to reap the benefits of solar power. These individuals enjoy a wide range of benefits. From virtually zero utility cost to pride knowing that they are using a completely renewable source of energy. Below is a list of reasons why people in the Treasure Valley and the rest of idaho are switch to solar energy.
No Utility Cost – After paying the price of installation, power is produced without any cost to the homeowner.The average time it takes to cover the cost of solar panel installation in idaho is just 6 years and 11 months. In some cases, if your are still attached to an electric grid the power company will pay you for the surplus electricity generated. The average lifetime savings in Idaho for solar panels is $59,494.
Weather – Solar power is extremely advantageous for the climate in southern Idaho. The Boise area has an average of 206 sunny days per year; while the US average is 205.
No Carbon Emissions – Solar power is beneficial for the environment because the panels can produce electricity with no carbon emissions. The United States produces about 17.9% of the world’s annual carbon dioxide, you can help lower this by using solar panels.
Low Maintenance Cost – Solar power requires minimal maintenance to keep producing power. The solar panels just need to be kept clean to remain in optimal condition. So after installation homeowners can expect very little costs from their solar panels.
Increase Home Value – Solar panels increase a home’s appeal in the market. Studies show that homes with solar panels sell at a rate of 20% faster and 17% more expensive than homes that don’t have solar panels.
Secure investment – Solar power has fixed energy costs. While utility companies can change their prices.

Solar Panel Installation in Idaho

If you live in the Treasure Valley, consider these reasons for switching to solar energy. It has never been as easy to switch and install solar energy. There are many options to sort through and many benefits to reap: from economic benefits to the peace of mind of knowing that your energy is environmentally friendly. If you have decided to switch to solar energy contact the experts at Pell Solar for a consultation and installation estimate.

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