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How Much Maintenance Do Solar Panels Require?

12 solar panels on the roof of a bright yellow house.

Here comes the sun! As a solar panel owner, it’s important to understand how to maintain and service your solar panels in order to keep your investment working well for years to come!


Solar panels typically require very little upkeep. They are made to be durable and last 25-30 years with minimal maintenance. A basic cleaning routine a few times a year can ensure that the solar panels are getting full exposure to the sunlight, boosting your power source. This primarily requires spraying them off with water, which can be done by a typical garden hose.
Depending on your location in California, you may not have to worry as much about winter conditions…but living in Idaho usually comes with annual snowfall. Therefore, it is essential that you clear snow off your solar system as soon as possible when it arrives!


Sometimes unexpected circumstances happen, and your solar panels will require servicing. Beyond the routine maintenance, Pell Solar in Boise, Idaho and Ontario, California are happy to help! Here is a guide to troubleshooting the problem yourself, but if you have any questions, Pell Solar is just a quick call away.


Since solar panels are meant to last years, solar energy companies most often include services and sometimes warranties for your solar panels. A warranty often guarantees that the energy output does not fall below a certain level during a period of time – often approximately 15-25 years. Solar panels, along with the servicing, are transferable to a new homeowner should you sell your home.
Peak power output from solar panels typically should not fall below 85 percent within approximately the first 25 years from installation. Solar energy companies are willing to help if this is not the case.
Solar panels can save a user a lot of money over the years and make a large impact on our environment, but only if the solar system is working properly. This includes proper maintenance and servicing.
A solar company cannot guarantee maximum energy output if you are not properly taking care of your panels. If you have any questions about what this entails, Pell Solar is happy to answer them. Solar energy is a great way to save money and make an impact on your environment; See what it can save you today!

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