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Solar vs. Wind Energy: Which Alternative Energy is Right for You?

Sunshine coming through the landscape with wind turbines in the background.

Installing renewable energy on your property is a great way to save money on your electricity. Renewable energy also has a significant positive impact on the environment. Which type of renewable energy is right for you?


Solar energy is becoming more and more popular across the nation. Here is some vital information to help decide if your home needs solar!

  • Easily installed with the help of your local solar company
  • Long-lasting – solar panels last 25-30 years depending on various factors.
  • Maintaining solar panels helps them to last for their full potential
  • Only generate power during sunlight hours
  • Can be effective practically anywhere – ideal for urban locations
  • Produce more electricity on average than wind
  • The relatively high initial cost
  • Save substantial amounts of money over time


Wind energy, although not as common as solar, is an excellent renewable energy option.

  • Ability to generate power 24 hours a day
  • Only effective on high elevations, windy areas – ideal for a rural location
  • The relatively low initial cost
  • Typically 80 feet tall – require large open space
  • Save substantial amounts of money over time

Which is Right For You?

In general, solar energy is typically a better option for residential property. Solar energy has been proved to produce five times as much energy as wind. Solar panels can be easily placed on a roof or freestanding and take up minimal space while producing large amounts of energy. Solar panels save you a substantial amount of money on electricity. If you have minimal space on your property, or live in an urban area, considering investing in solar panels.
Wind energy is still a viable option for those with large open spaces and high-speed winds. Wind turbines can produce energy 24 hours a day, unlike solar, which can only produce energy during sunlight hours. That being said, wind turbines are not as effective for a large majority of residential properties. Wind energy is typically more effective for large scale operations.
If you are looking for a way to implement renewable energy into your home, solar energy is likely the right option for you. Pell Solar, located in Boise, Idaho and Ontario, California, will help you every step of the way to get your panels installed. Contact us if you have any questions about solar energy and see what it can save you!

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