Energy Saving

Solar Power: Saving the Planet and Your Wallet, One Watt at a Time

A wall of solar panels.

Amid climate change and pollution, society has turned to renewable energy as a way to decrease their carbon footprint and overall fossil fuel emissions. With so many alternatives to traditional energy, choosing the most efficient and cost-effective option can be difficult to navigate. However, with Pell Solar, the choice is simple: solar power.

We have spent over 16 years becoming experts in the field of solar power renewable energy because it is the most efficient and cost-effective option when switching from traditional energy sources. Not only has solar power grown tremendously in recent years, but the cost of the energy source has also dropped significantly. At Pell Solar, we are determined to provide effective and affordable solar energy that is accessible to American families in Idaho and California, paving the way to a cleaner and sustainable future one WATT at a time.

With over 2 million installations across the nation, many Americans are reaping the benefits of solar energy. In addition to contributing to sustainability, many financial incentives further encourage switching to solar energy.

Eliminating Traditional Electricity Costs

Adopting solar power eliminates the cost associated with traditional electricity. Although it may take time to completely switch over to renewable energy, you will see your electricity bill shrink as renewable energy production increases.

Increasing the Value of Your Home

Similar to any renovation on a home, solar power increases the value of a home in the marketplace. The rate of appreciation with homes featuring renewable solar power can grow almost 10% faster than a home that still uses traditional electricity. In the marketplace, solar power serves as a substantial and cost-saving feature to any home, leading to a more efficient and profitable sale.

Tax Incentives

In a time of climate change and environmental crisis, sustainability has become more important than ever. Alongside the incentive of utilizing an energy source that reduces your carbon footprint, the EPA and Department of Energy have further encouraged Americans to use solar power by creating tax credits.

A Smart Investment for a Brighter Future

Solar power is a smart investment both for your family and the planet. As a family-owned company, we are determined to create a brighter future for the generations to come. When switching to renewable energy choose Pell Solar, because the only thing that we love more than solar is making you happy! Contact Pell Solar today and create a brighter tomorrow.

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