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Finally... Solar Backup Without A Battery

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We Offer Solar Repair Services

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Solar Backup Only

It is finally here! A truck has just taken out an electrical transformer in broad daylight in your area, but your home is up and running without issue. Yes, there is now state of the art technology that provides power backup during the day without a battery! Click on the button below to “Learn More”

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Solar Backup With Battery

Do you want to be off-grid with the power you need at night? That big storm knocked out the power to your area, but you are up and running 24 hours a day with the latest solar and battery system. Click on the button below to “Learn More”

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Solar Backup With Battery and Generator

Do you want that extra level of comfort knowing that you have all the backup power you ever needed? A complete battery, generator and solar system gives you that level of comfort regardless the power outage or off-grid reason. Click on the button below to “Learn More”

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IQ 8 inverters

Microgrid-forming technology provides sunlight backup during outages, and IQ8’s super-fast response times remove Enphase battery sizing limitations. Click on the button below to “Learn More”

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Enphase App

A powerful companion for your entire system: see all your energy data in a single app, both in real- time and as it fluctuates over time. Click on the button below to “Learn More”

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We’re A Certified Tesla Dealer

Pell Solar proudly provides a comprehensive selection of Tesla’s Power Wall 3 products, designed to cater to various energy needs within your household. With an emphasis on sustainability and efficiency, Pell Solar ensures access to cutting-edge technology that seamlessly integrates into your home, offering reliable and renewable energy solutions for a brighter future.

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